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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch the film?

The film is now available as a .mp4 file for download, streaming or rental in a variety of resolutions through Vimeo On Demand, Films for Action, and for download via this page on the Living the Change website. To watch Living the Change on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to download the film to your computer and then sync it to your device.

If you’ve bought a public screening licence you can download the file to your computer and if necessary from there to a USB stick or hard drive as required for connection to a projector.  You could also burn the .mp4 file to a DVD if required.

In New Zealand and Australia we have a limited number of DCP files available for an additional $20 plus postage. A DCP file is often required by cinemas. It must be booked at least two weeks in advance of your screening.

I can’t download the film. What can I do?

The most likely problem is that your internet connection is not reliable enough to download the file. You could try asking a friend to download it and then transfer it to a hard drive or USB stick. If that’s not an option, please email us. To watch it on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need to download the film to your computer and then sync it to your device.

I haven’t received a download link. What can I do?

Your download link is in the email with payment confirmation you should have received immediately upon purchase. If you didn’t receive that, please check your Spam folder. Still no luck? Please email us!

How can I gift a copy to a friend?

Unfortunately Vimeo doesn’t have a set-up for gifting films. The best method we can currently offer is that you purchase the film through our website, here, and either forward the email you recieive with the download link to your friend or use your friend’s email address instead of your own, so that they receive the file directly. We’re sorry not to be able to offer a way for you to send a personal message with your gift. We’re working on it!

Will there be DVDs for sale?

Due to the cost and environmental impact of creating DVDs, we’ve decided against producing them for sale. If you have no other way to screen the film, please contact us. If we receive enough expressions of interest we’ll print a small run of DVDs – obviously not avoiding plastic for the disk itself but using the minimum of cardboard packaging for the DVD case. There would be an additional cost for the DVD and postage.

What is the film rated?

Living the Change is officially rated PG.

Will the film be shown at cinemas?

We don’t have a distribution arrangement for cinema screenings, however in some countries you can organise a cinema screening yourself. Visit our Host a Screening page for more information.

We’re looking at international distribution options and will keep the website updated with any changes.

Does the film have subtitles?

Visit the Watch the Film page to find out which translations are currently underway. Our budget hasn’t extended to professional subtitling, but we have a wonderful team of volunteer translators from around the world currently working on translations. Please contact us if you’re interested in offering to translate into your language.